Unveiling Nibbana Studio Origins

Nibbana Studio ®  is an initiative to create “unique” and “high-quality” artworks. The brand was founded in 2019. 

Nibbana Studio is a clothing brand that offers a unique and contemporary collection of clothing items. The brand aims to provide fashionable and comfortable clothing options for individuals who appreciate style and quality.

The "Nibbana Studio" brand's sacred fig leaf logo represents the spiritual significance of the sacred fig tree in many Eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism.

The logo features a detailed and intricate depiction of the leaf of the sacred fig tree, with its veins and texture finely crafted to showcase the beauty of the natural world. The leaf is surrounded by a circle, which represents the concept of wholeness and completeness in Eastern philosophy.

"Nibbana Studio" brand's sacred fig leaf logo is a symbol that you can wear with pride and reverence.

 Nibbana Studio ®  is a registered trademark and all the artworks on this website are intellectual property of  © Nibbana Studio.